Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Aging

Products in the press at the moment that are becoming more talked about – hyaulornic acid, retinol, antioxidants…  May all sound like a minefield but all the best anti-ageing products have these in them.  HA (hyaluronic acid) helps our skin attract and retain moisture, which can combat signs of ageing.  These come in serums and moisturisers.  Anti-oxidants fight free radicals – all those damaging pollutants that our skin attracts – using an anti-oxidant night cream will help our skin repair and keep the elasticity and firmness in our skin.  Retinol is photo-sensititve so you also will find a lot of night products contain this product.  Still sound complex – just ask one of us your skin care expert therapists.  Comment below – we can help you!


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