How To Treat Extremely Dry Skin

We all know basic skincare is the 3 steps – cleanse, tone and moisturise!  How many of you skip the toning ?  Too many we fear !  Toner is one of the secrets to hydrated skin… Toner should be renamed hydrating spritz – I wonder how many of us would include it then!   That’s one tip, to tone your skin.  The second most important thing for the skin’s hydration levels is resurfacing, or commonly known as exfoliation.  Speak to us  – your skin care therapists regarding this because every skin is unique – we need to consult before advise for example you can over exfoliate a younger skin whereas as we age the secret to youthful skin is resurfacing whereby an everyday exfoliating product would suit.

Skin is made up of layers – the top two layers being dead skin cells, the more we slough those dead skin cells away, this in turn boosts new skin cell renewal and regeneration from the basal layers of the skin – voila!  new skin – the key to youthfulness – we can get even a higher grade of resurfacing levels in the salon – hence your professional skin treatment is paramount!



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