The Importance of Exfoliation.

Desquamation is the body’s natural process of exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of shedding old, dry and hardened skin cells so new, healthy skin cells may form. This skin renewal can be slowed – as found with those who have oiler skin types. The oil (sebum) found in our skin if overactive can glue the dead skin cells together which will result in clogged follicles – leading to the build up of acne. In addition to smoothing and improving skin tone, exfoliation helps rid oily skins of dulling cells to help keep skin clear and bright. That said – it is important NOT to over exfoliate you skin as this will result in over stimulation. Our Expert Skin Therapists at So Pampered Beauty Salon recommend Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant for those with acne prone skin – a gentle rice bran powder based exfoliator which when mixed with water to create a paste, gently polishes away dead skin cells AND promotes luminosity. FUN FACT – Daily Microfoliant is actually sold every 46 SECONDS in the world!

As we age, the desquamation process also slows – resulting in our skin’s looking dull, tired and rather lacklustre. Regular exfoliation using Dermalogica Skincare and regular facial treatments at So Pampered Beauty Salon, Yeovil will give YOU results – achieving and maintaining an overall healthy skin.

Your personal skin care and exfoliation regimen will depend heavily upon your professional skin analysis from So Pampered’s Expert Skin Therapists. Our professional skin therapists will recommend which Dermalogica Exfoliant you should be using depending on your skin type, concerns and age to deliver your desired results. We will also advice you how often to exfoliate and how to successfully incorporate exfoliation into your skin regimen.

Why book a Pro 60 Dermaolgica Facial Treatment at So Pampered Beauty Salon, Yeovil?
As expert Skin Therapists we have been trained to the highest level of giving the best Dermalogica treatments as well as giving you the best advice to achieve your skincare goals at home. Firstly, maintaining a good skincare regimen at home is the key to achieving your goals but we recommend monthly facials for amazing results. During your Pro60 Facial Treatment we can as skin care professionals – use more powerful, higher grade professional products – including exfoliation under our supervision to achieve your results faster!

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