Comfort Zone First Class Lift Kit


Comfort Zone Lift Kit Containing Travel Size Essential Cleanser, Essential Toner, Sublime Skin Cream, Renight Cream


The First Class Lift Kit consists of 1x Comfort Zone Essential Milk 50ml, 1x Comfort Zone Essential Toner 50ml, 1x Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Cream 15ml and 1x Comfort Zone Renight Cream 15ml.

Essential Milk: Gently removes impurities and make-up, supports the natural balance of the skin and ensures a natural, radiantly beautiful complexion. Recommended for all skin types and all climatic conditions. Gentle cleaning by not using tensides.

Essential Toner: It is ideal for daily use and gives the skin instant radiance. Recommended for all climatic conditions and all skin types. Shake the bottle before use, then gently dab the lotion onto the cleansed face and décolleté using cotton pads.

Sublime Skin Cream: Cream with micro and macro hyaluronic acid, peony extract and palmitoyl glycine, which act on the essential components of the skin structure. The skin is visibly plumped up, firmer and nourished. The facial contour becomes more defined, the facial features more relaxed.

Renight Cream: Face cream with goji berries, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil for an intense antioxidant effect overnight. The skin is regenerated and nourished. Ideal for all skin types. Recommended especially for undersupplied, dry, stressed and tired skin. Skin is supplied with nutrients in depth.

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