Comfort Zone First Class Hydra Kit


Comfort Zone Hydra Kit Containing Travel Size Essential Face Wash, Essential Micellar Water, Hydramemory Cream, Renight Mask


The First Class Hydra Kit consists of 1x Comfort Zone Essential Face Wash 50ml, 1x Comfort Zone Essential Micellar Water 50ml, 1x Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream 15ml and 1x Comfort Zone Renight Mask 15ml.

Essential Face Wash: cleansing foam that supports the natural balance of the skin and gives it back its natural radiance. Suitable for daily use in the morning and evening, especially for young, normal and combination skin as well as skin that is not particularly sensitive or dry. Ideal in warm, humid climates.

Essential Micellar Water: A multi-active micellar water for quick and easy cleaning of the face, eyes and lips, which does not need to be washed off after use. It effectively removes impurities and make-up and is pleasantly light and fresh.

Hydramemory Cream: Moisturizing cream with macro hyaluronic acids, Moringa oil from certified Fairtrade trade and a mixture of natural extracts to protect the skin barrier. Optimizes water distribution for visibly soft and radiant skin. The innovative “sorbet” texture cares for the skin and gives it a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Renight Mask: The rich Comfort Zone Renight Mask is the optimal facial care for achieving a beautiful and balanced complexion. Thanks to highly effective active ingredients such as goji berries, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil and tomato extracts, the upper layers of the skin are supplied with sufficient moisture, while the skin’s own regeneration is stimulated and the elasticity of the skin is improved.

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